About Us

Crystal/Gemstone Jewelry

We are all made up of energy including crystals and gemstones. Every stone has unique energy frequencies and chemical composition, as shown with Quartz to run our watches and Lithium to power our phones or electric cars. Enjoy the alternative healing gifts made to simulate different chakras in releasing blockages and harmonizing the energy centers. All pieces are made with intention and the highest love. 


May each piece bring the wearer closer to obtaining mindfulness to the universal connection. It has shown this daily practice of mindfulness in appreciating the beauty the earth has to offer can be responsible for structural changes in the brain.These changes lead to increased happiness and reduced stress and on overall extension of one's life.

Gratitude and Give Back to Community

I am eternally grateful to be able to provide these Alternative Healing Gifts from the earth. Each piece vibrates at different energies and thus embodies different healing properties for those ready to receive. 

I am humbled to offer 1% of all proceeds to help single parents (mom or dad) in being successful through donations to Extended Family Charity.